Wild Women in the wood. ‘Reaching our roots…’


Our next gathering will be on Sunday 23rd September 2018. 11am – 4:30/5 pm
A light lunch and refreshments will be provided and you are invited to bring a small gift to exchange with another in our women’s circle. Food contributions to share are welcomed.

Cost £35

We will be enjoying the abundant season of Autumn, giving thanks for the energies of the earth,and wisdom from the skies.Immerse yourself in the colourful hues of Autumn, This will be a celebratory session full of craft and spiritual fullfillment .A day full of warm smiles and long hugs, shared love of nature, creativity and connection. Celebrate and enjoy the woodland with other women. Get breathing and be fully alive!

Booking essential.

Continued monthly dates are:

25th March, 22nd April or 28th April TBC,

20th May, 24th June,15th July, 23rd Sept,14th Oct,18th Nov,19th Dec.